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A Complete Guide On How To Get Your Optometry License In All 50 States

The following is meant to serve as a guide to help new graduates of optometry obtain the proper information to successfully complete the licensing application, for their optometry license based on state.

An optometry license granted by each state’s regulatory board of optometry must be obtained upon graduating from an accredited optometry school for optometrists to legally practice in the United States. Obtaining an optometry license varies from state to state in regards to fees, requirements, and application processes.

Note: Fees are approximations. There may be additional fees or different fees for obtaining fingerprinting if not residing in the state you are applying for an optometry license. There may also be other fees associated with obtaining documents, having scores and/or transcripts sent, or notarizing documents. This guide was updated on 03/15/15. Any changes to state licensure requirements occurring after this date may not be accounted for.

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  1. Super useful, thanks Antonio. Would be great to add the CE requirements for each state (i.e. the number of hours required by each state per year / 2 years to keep the license active, and how many may be done by distance.) Thanks!

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