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Solid Tips For Interviewing at Optometry Practices

Here is a short snippet of the Free Ebook – The Simple Guide to Jobs After Optometry School Interviewing is by far the hardest thing to teach but it’s extremely important. Hopefully you are in high school right now and are reading this 10 years before your first job interview because …

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Don’t Believe These Myths About Corporate Optometry

There is a profound misconception about corporate optometry. The building that you practice optometry in, does not define your career status! I have talked to a lot of doctors all over the country and at different levels in their careers, and a lot of corporate optometrists are really happy in …

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Corporate Optometry: Similarities and Shocking Differences

I set out to survey the owners of corporate optometry affiliated practices to learn the similarities and differences that exist between the corporate lessors. What I discovered was even more variety—across and even within lessors—more than you might believe. If you are familiar with one corporate-affiliated practice, then you are …

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Paid Time Off: How Does Your Practice Setting Stack Up?

For some ODs, the word “vacation” is an abstract term. With our ever fluctuating health care laws and insurance contracts, ODs are constantly being pressured to see more patients in less time for less money. In all reality, it’s not uncommon to hear about new graduates working 6-7 days a week to pay down their student loans! …

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