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Dry Eye Syndrome and Guide to Nighttime Therapy

This is a sponsored post by Eye Eco, a supporter of NewGradOptometry & new graduate optometrists! 😎  Dry eye disease is one of the most common ocular morbidities, and a leading cause of visits to eyecare professionals today.1,2  Common signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome (DES) include: dryness redness stinging foreign …

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Audio Education – A Review of the Cranial Nerves

NGO proudly presents our first audio education series, a review of the cranial nerves.  Whether preparing for boards or simply refreshing your memory, this brief review on cranial nerves will hopefully provide you with some beneficial information. We’ve highlighted the most important function of each cranial nerve, and decided an audio …

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Vision Therapy Programming: How Many Sessions?

 What is the appropriate length of a vision therapy program? In my opinion, this can be the hardest question to answer as it is not always straightforward. Once you’ve completed your vision therapy work-up and know your patient needs vision therapy, you not only need to determine a type of treatment program, …

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Essential Supplies for Exam Room Emergencies

No matter your practice setting, there are certain emergencies (some real while others patient perceived) that every optometrist needs to be prepared for.  Below is a list of potential emergencies, and the recommended supplies to effectively manage these situations. Acute Angle Closure Attack My Personal Recommendation: Start with two drops of Combigan followed two drops of …

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