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New Grad Success

Nicola Perini of Luxottica – CovalentCareers Podcast

Nicola Perini, Vice President of Eastern Regional Sales at Luxottica, shares with us the fundamental key to success in any business… teamwork.  Nicola Perini tells his story, revealing how he earned his position at Luxottica, including his major move across the globe, and how he handled that massive transition to a foreign …

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Investing Strategies for Optometrists – Stocks

Many healthcare professionals find themselves responsible for their own retirement funding. In many other types of careers, pensions and/or 401Ks with some degree of matching contributions from employers are commonplace. The same is typically not true for the optometrist. Saving and building your own retirement fund therefore becomes a necessity. There …

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What is COVD? – Here’s a Film About 11 COVD Doctors

I have filmed several short documentaries for various optometry groups and companies, but COVD takes the crown for being the most passionate group. Never have I seen a more tight knit group of optometrists whose values are to support one another. It makes me ask the question – why can’t more optometry …

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