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New Grad Success

6 Lessons From My First Year as an O.D.

new graduate optometrists chicago

This article goes out to the Class of 2014 that just graduated. You are now a newly minted O.D. and I bet you have a myriad of emotions to sort through ranging from excitement to anticipation, and even anxiety. Unlike the first day of high school, college, or optometry school, this new phase of your life …

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The 6 Secrets of a Great Optometrist

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Do you remember your first patient encounter as a student? I sure do. She was a middle-aged Hispanic woman with a longstanding history of adult-onset diabetes. Even more vividly, I remember it was in the 7th floor  SUNY Optometry exam room and my exam took over an hour and a half! …

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15 Reasons NOT to Date an Optometrist

15 reasons not to date an optometirst

Last week, the blog posted this fantastic article – 15 Reasons to Date an Optometrist. Well here is the other side of the coin! 1. They see eyeballs all the time, and as a result may not think yours are so special after all. That little color spot you’ve been …

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Life As A New Graduate OD – A Google Hangout

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Guests and Hosts Dr. Matthew Geller Dr. Ryan Corte Dr. Dave Kading Dr. Mile Brujic Topics they will cover include Getting your dream “career” Real world vs. Optometry School Getting involved in the profession outside of seeing patients Plus ask any question you want, LIVE, during the talk! Dr. Matthew …

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The Secret of Keeping Up To Date with Optometry

keeping up to date with optometry

You won’t become wildly successful as an optometrist unless you are plugged in to what goes on in the real world of optometry. Do you want all the perks of being an optometrist – the great practice, good money and network of great colleagues? If you want all of that, …

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The Dos and Don’ts of the Job Search

optometry do's and dont's

t’s never too early to start searching for your first job after graduation. Here are my recommendations of how to approach the job search process. DO Get involved All new graduates exhibit “entry level” competency. Your intangible skills are what make YOU different from your peers (i.e. personality, special interests, …

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For Immediate Release Website for New Graduate Optometrists Has Launched Matthew Geller O.D., Founder of Announces the Launch of The first of its kind, is the #1 online resource for newly graduated doctors of optometry. It features resources created by new graduates, for new graduates.   SAN DIEGO …

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